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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ubuntu hitches a ride on USB drives

Another example of the portable software trend, this time from Destkop Linux:
Pertec Inc. last week introduced UbuntUSB, touted as an easy way to install Ubuntu Linux on a portable USB hard drive, letting any PC boot Ubuntu Linux without requiring either BIOS or system reconfiguration.

UbuntUSB installs a bootable version of Ubuntu on any USB hard drive with a capacity of 10 GB or greater in less than 15 minutes. For systems that aren't able to boot from USB, or when it is desired to not adjust any BIOS boot settings, users can insert the supplied installation CD in the PC's CD-ROM drive and connect the USB hard drive to the PC's USB port, and they will then be able to boot the PC from the USB hard drive.

The UbuntUSB installation CD ISO image is available for download now, here, plus a roughly $30 charge for a "license key." Ready-to-use UbuntUSB CDs can also be ordered.
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