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Friday, September 15, 2006

Disecting 'Gloomy' Unified in iTunes 7

The ThinkMac blog offers up an interesting write-up of the good and bad features of the new iTunes 7 UI:
You can tell summer is over with iTunes 7, everything is in drab stormy greys and grey-blues. Lets have a look at the UI and see what's good, bad and fugly about it.

The Good:
Unified buttons and controls
Cover flow
iPod maintinance interface
Source list organisation

The Bad:
Graphite is the new blue
Non-standard scroll bars
iTunes 7 scrollbar
Weird captialized lables in the source list

The Fugly:
Equalizer not quite finished
iTunes 7 equalizer
Bottom bar buttons
iTunes 7 bottom bar buttons
Black glass selection indicator in the source list
iTunes 7 source list selection color
No resize handle for the source list
Any color so long as its drab
I think we're all clear that Apple will release a slew of point upgrades to iTunes 7 over the next several weeks that should clear up any stability issues people have reported. But this is interesting because it highlights issues that are endemic to the software and, if we're to believe the rumors, to the UI in Leopard itself. Interesting.

Thanks Jerry!
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