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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Apple Mac Pro is crowned the fastest "PC" in the UK

PC Pro:
The quad-core Apple Mac Pro has set new records in PC Pro's benchmarks, in the UK's first independent speed test of the latest Intel-based Mac.

The Mac Pro is fitted with two of the top-end workstation-orientated Xeon CPUs. This effectively makes it a quad-core machine, and it's fabulously fast for CPU-intensive tasks, as long as the application in question is able to use them all.

The machine achieved record-breaking speeds in our multiple-applications test, where we run demanding tasks in Microsoft Office, Photoshop and a music decoder simultaneously, so keeping all four cores constantly busy. The result was almost three times faster than the reference Pentium D-based computer that PC Pro's labs test scores are based on.
Hey, that's great. The thing is, the Mac Pro is a workstation, and not a PC. And let's be serious here: Pentium D-based computers are a joke. Not only are they dual-core, not quad-core, but they're also two generations behind the current Core 2 Duo-based PCs out now and are woefully outdated architecturally. In short, this rating is sort of bogus.

All that said, I'm sure it's smoking fast. And God knows I want one. Who wouldn't?
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