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Friday, March 16, 2007

12 Ways to Boycott the RIAA

Mark Fleischmann at Digital Trends offers up some solid advice:
The RIAA’s degeneration into a corporate bully is both sad and self-defeating. Warring against consumers has not reversed declining CD sales or replaced eroding revenues with legal downloads. It has merely turned off a new generation of consumers, possibly forever.

Let me add that I think file sharing is wrong. Indeed, I’m the music industry’s model citizen—I buy CDs, and lots of them, and before that I bought LPs, and lots of them.

Following is a more comprehensive list of suggestions. They fall into two basic categories: circumvention and alternatives. In other words, you may work around the boycott to get the stuff you want. Or you may go further, making longterm changes in your music-loving habits and extending the boycott indefinitely.
Check out the article for his tips.

By the way, referring to the RIAA as the "Recording Industry Antichrist of America" is just good, old-fashioned fun.


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