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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Apple Announces iPod nano, iTunes 5, iPod-like Phone

Me, in WinInfo:
At one of the most eagerly-anticipated digital media events since the unveiling of the original iPod in 2001, Apple Computer yesterday unleashed a slew of products, including new versions of Windows-compatible software that provide sweeping new functionality on the worlds most popular computing platform. Apple announced a new iPod nano that will replace the popular iPod mini line, a Motorola cell phone that features iPod-like functionality, and new versions of its iTunes and QuickTime software, the former of which includes interesting new Windows-specific features. Additionally, Apple revealed exclusive deals with pop star Madonna and the author of the "Harry Potter" books to bring content from those sources to iTunes and iPod users.
My big take-aways:

The ROKR is a yawner, at least until you can get it on Verizon and other carriers, and until you can fill up memory cards to capacity with music.

The iPod nano, despite its name, looks incredible. I'd like to see more capacity. (Heck, how about at least meeting the capacity of the iPod mini?)

iTunes 5.0 is simply awesome. Apple has done it again.
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