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Friday, September 09, 2005

Schizo Interface

I really dig the new cleaner iTunes 5 look - probably mostly because I can't stand the brushed metal interface. But why does Apple keep seemingly arbitrarily changing the interface for specific apps? Check out the following screen grab: There are six different interfaces! SIX! From upper left to lower right, there's: 1) Safari with the brushed metal look, 2) iTunes with the smooth metal look, 3) Mail with the updated Aqua and 3D buttons, 4) VoodooPad with the updated Aqua and traditional buttons, 5) SubEthaEdit with the traditional Aqua look, and 6) GarageBand with it's own damn thing going on.

Why Apple? Why? Why do you torture us so? Just give us the ability to pick our interface. Oh, and drawers still suck.
I'm glad that Mac users are finally waking up to the fact that Apple is completely toying with their user interface guidelines. OS X is nice and all, but every day, it seems, it just veers further and further away from the aesthetic ideals of the past. Sigh.

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