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Friday, January 20, 2006

Preliminary Mac market share for 2005: 2.28 percent

While we don't yet have Gartner's 2005 sales PC estimates, we can at least use IDC's figures to determine how well Apple did last year compared to the wider PC industry. According to IDC, 208.6 million PCs were sold worldwide in 2005. Apple sold 4.742 million PCs in calendar year 2005, for 2.28 percent of the market.

According to IDC, here's how the top five PC makers shook down:

1. Dell - 18.1 percent (18.8 percent growth in 2005)
2. HP
3. Lenovo
4. Acer - 4.1 percent
5. Toshiba - 3.2 percent

What's interesting about this, of course, is that Apple experienced explosive growth in 2005. While the overall PC market grew by 16.4 percent, Apple grew Mac sales by 32 percent. This demonstrates how much growth is required to really make marketshare headway. In 2004, Apple's global marketshare was 1.9 percent. (And here's a factoid Apple fans won't appreciate: Gateway's sales growth in 2005 slightly exceeded that of Apple; of course, Gateway didn't make the top five either.)
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