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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Problems with OpenOffice

Before you start flaming, please understand that both I and the author of the news article are open source PROponents. We like open source. I've made a career of it.

But that doesn't mean open source is somehow infallible. Sometimes the comments here read like a devout Catholic thinking I've started a smear campaign against the immaculate conception. Keep in mind that it's just software and that it can always get better. Things get better as we find their bugs and improve them.

So, with that caveat....

OpenOffice stinks.
While I do feel that is a bloated mess in some ways, it's surprsingly capable. What the author is refering to by "stinks" is that it still doesn't offer a compelling alternative to Microsoft Office, which is only half true. But anyone who's seen Office 12 can tell you that Microsoft has suddenly and unexpectedly raised the bar a mile high. Office 12 is awesome. And thus, may or may not "stink," but it certainly has a long, long way to go. I'd rather see smaller, lighter individual applications like Abiword take off at this point, I guess.
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