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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Good Luck With That Broken iPod

New York Times (paid subscription required):
You've read recently that Apple has sold 42 million iPods in less than four and a half years. Thanks to the iPod, Apple just reported its most profitable quarter ever. But you wonder how many of those 42 million units have gone to people who feel, as you do, that you've just been taken to the cleaners by Apple? You also wonder why do iPods seem to break so frequently? And why is Apple so willing to tick off people who spend thousands of dollars on Apple products by refusing to deal with broken iPods?
This is a fascinating story. Stupidly, few of you will be able to read it on the actual New York Times site, because this is the first article I've run into that's part of the paper's new "Times Select" system, which you must pay for. I happen to get the print version of the New York Times every day, so I do get Times Select as part of the subscription, but the process of accessing that article online for the first time was complicated and frustrating. Ah well. I'll see about finding a link to the article in a different location.
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