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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lazuli Mockups
The images below is the preliminary work on a concept I’m calling ‘Lazuli’, a possible future incarnation of GNOME. The stuff presented in these shots probably isn’t possible with current GNOME technology, and in fact I’d probably prefer if this were developed as part of a “fresh start” initiative, in order to minimise the level of backwards-compatibility shackling.

So: the GNOME Lazuli mockups. These are totally alpha, reflect nothing other than my own personal opinions and goals, and are subject to complete random changes. Enjoy.
I can't really explain this, but I really enjoy this kind of thing, especially when the mockups are realistic and believable looking. I could actually see this happening, and of course would like to. With Apple and Microsoft increasingly conceding the UI revolution to more daring players, it's about time the open source movement stepped up to the plate. Good stuff.
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