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Friday, February 17, 2006

[Mac] Bloggers give Camino the thumbs up

Camino 1.0, a browser that uses the Mozilla Foundation's Gecko HTML rendering engine but has been written specifically for the OS X, was released on Tuesday to a positive welcome from the blogging community.

Some in the Mac community were quick to praise Camino 1.0, saying that they are will use it instead of Apple's Safari browser or Mozilla's Firefox browser.
I like Camino, and have been using it for a few days. But I'll be switching back to Firefox becaue Camino doesn't support the cool inline search feature used by Firefox. Add that, and I'd be happy to give Camino another shot. Sometimes you just get so used to a certain feature, you can't live without it.

Update: Numerous readers have told me that Camino does support what I call inline search (it's actually called "find text as you type") ... but it's not attached to Apple+F as it is in Firefox. Instead, you type "/" (no quotes) to trigger it. OK, I can remember that and I'll stick with Camino for a while, thanks. :)

With that in mind, you can get Camino here. BTW, I do like that it's a Universal Binary.
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