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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Recently, Windows Media DRM was cracked (and some friends at Microsoft confirmed that it was, indeed, cracked). Now, Apple's FairPlay is cracked again. This QTFairUse6 tool appears to be similar to the original Hymn/Playfair tool, which garnered much infamy a few years ago. That said, QTFairUse6 is still pretty rough going. Perhaps a simple EXE will appear soon. Besides, what the heck are you doing downloading low-quality iTunes tracks anyway?
Sort of a port of the original QTFairUse to iTunes 6 using the excellent pydbg package by Pedram Amini.

Python 2.4
pydbg and ctypes packages (included)

Supported iTunes versions: 6.0.4-6.0.5

1) Start iTunes
2) Start
4) Play your protected track(s) in iTunes. Each track will be written into a separate dump_NN.aac file.
5) To make them playable in winamp, convert the raw streams to ADTS using FAAD:
faad.exe -a output.aac dump_NN.aac
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