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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Apple iPod 5G (80 GB)

I decided to get the bigger one this time around. Assuming it works out, I'll probably be getting rid of the 30 GB iPod I bought last October. So far so good, though I've already run into one interesting issue: The hard drive in this iPod is as large (80 GB) as the hard drive in my MacBook(!). That's kind of messed up. Obviously, the MacBook needs an upgrade. It's a shame that laptop hard drives haven't hit the 250 GB range yet. Anyway... Some pictures...

One fun point: The packaging for this iPod is just a hair bigger than the packaging Apple used last year for its original iPod nano. Amazing. And despite the fact that the box is big enough, no install disk was included. That's probably smart, given how often iTunes is updated.
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