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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Disney Sells 125,000 Digital Copies of Films Through iTunes Store in Less Than a Week

Associated Press:
The Walt Disney Co. has sold 125,000 digital copies of films through Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes store in less than a week, generating $1 million, Disney chief executive Robert Iger said Tuesday.

Disney expects revenue of $50 million in the first year from its iTunes partnership, Iger said at an investment conference in New York sponsored by Goldman Sachs.

"Clearly customers are saying to us they want content in multiple ways," Iger said.

Iger said selling shows online has not cannibalized sales of DVDs, nor has it hurt traditional TV viewing.
Given the popularity of Apple's iTunes Store and the fact that Disney is the only company selling movies there right now, this isn't hugely surprising. It will be interesting to compare how well iTunes-based Disney movies sell over the entire holiday period compared to traditional DVDs. There's little doubt that digital downloads will eventually surpass optical disk movie sales. But I'm guessing it won't happen any time soon.

Fun question: I wonder how many movies CinemaNow or MovieLink have sold the entire time they've been in business. I suspect it's not very much.
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