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Monday, September 11, 2006

A few more thoughts on the new PC

So I've gotten a lot of great advice for the potential new PC, thanks for that. I'm still undecided, but wanted to relay a few more thoughts...
  • A couple of people asked why I didn't consider a 2 GHz Mac Pro. Actually, I did consider that, but they're a bit expensive. I'd have to tune-down the RAM and hard drive space in order to go that route and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that. I will think about it further though. But this highlights why Apple needs a pizza-box Mac that is basically an iMac without the screen. (Or, I guess, a Core 2 Duo version of the Mac Pro.) How sweet would that be?

  • Nobody really mentioned this, but I'm struck by how well the iMac competes with the PC machines, assuming you need the display. The prices are very comparable and while the iMac is not nearly as expandable as the PCs, it makes up a lot of that in style and iLife compatibility.

  • A number of people felt that I should simply get the iMac anyway and span monitors between that and my existing monitor. That's not a bad idea. But the iMac might be a good solution regardless, because I'm currently using it for both my Xbox 360 and the PC (it supports three connections). I'm definitely keeping the old PC, so I could just using it for testing and/or my son, and keep it on the existing display. Long story short, the iMac isn't out of the running.

  • In case it's not obvious, however, I do already have an Intel-based Mac (a MacBook). But I wish I had spent the dough to get a 15-inch MacBook Pro. That would have made this entire discussion academic (in the sense that I probably wouldn't even consider the iMac).

  • Ultimately, what I'd really like to do is have less "stuff" in my office. The book giveaways and DVD and tech stuff selling that I've been doing this year is part of that trend. I just have too much stuff. So I am attracted to the notion of consolidating machines around a single display (which doesn't bode well for the iMac choice).

I'll mull over the Mac Pro a bit. I do like the idea of one machine that can do everything, though of course dual-booting isn't the most elegant thing in the world.

Also... Nobody's mentioned this in the context of the new PC thing, but obviously this sort of round-robin thing via email begs the question of allowing commenting on the site. This is something I've wanted to do for a while. But I also recognize that it would be a lot of administration for me and having to make sure nothing silly broke out. I don't make a cent on the Nexus and never have: The ads don't even cover the cost of hosting. But it's something I do think about all the time. It's probably way overdue.
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