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For six years, the Internet Nexus served as my technology blog, but I've since started blogging at the SuperSite Blog instead. If you're looking for the blog, please head there. --Paul

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Five years of the Nexus

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of the Internet Nexus: I began blogging here on September 16, 2001, soon after purchasing my first OS X-based Mac, a 500 MHz iBook. However, the Nexus is far older than that: The site began in late 1995 as my personal home page and was the original home on the Web for WinInfo (now hosted by Penton Media) and my various books. After WinInfo moved on to WUGNET, the Nexus languished between book releases until I decided to revive it as a blog. The reason? I already owned the URL and couldn't think of a good one for the blog. Why blog? I work with a lot of non-Microsoft technology, especially Linux and the Mac, and didn't have a place to write about that stuff at the time.

Incidentally, the name Internet Nexus came from a thesaurus search. I was looking for a word that meant "connection of links" because I figured I'd use the site as a repository for all the Internet links I found valuable. (More to the point, it was never meant to be the "nexus of the Internet" for anyone but myself. So you can forget whatever grandious ego trip story the name apparently suggests to some, sorry.)

In the scope of my other work, the Nexus blog isn't particularly old. I've been doing WinInfo for at least 12 years (the beginnings of the newsletter are vague and are locked in an ancient email system at Scottsdale Community College near Phoenix, assuming they exist now at all. Fun fact: I also briefly did a video game newsletter called, logically, GameInfo.) And I've been running the SuperSite for Windows (originally, and horribly, called Windows NT 5.0 SuperSite) since August 1998, or for 8 years.

Today, the Nexus is still a blog, and it focuses on my interest in non-Microsoft technologies for the most part. I don't make money on the site, and probably never will. The ads are there just to (barely) help pay for the bandwidth it consumes. At the heart of things, I'm just a tech enthusiast, and contrary to the misguided notion of me being a Microsoft fanboy--I'm not--I don't care if technology comes from Redmond, Silicon Valley, or east Idaho, as long as it's fun.
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