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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sony Delays European Release Of PlayStation 3 Until March

The word "debacle" comes to mind while reading this WSJ report:
Sony Corp. said Wednesday the European release of PlayStation 3 will be delayed until March, but the video-game console will go on sale in November as planned in the U.S. and Japan.

The move will cause Sony to miss the crucial Christmas season in a major market for a product that it is counting on to drive its earnings growth.

The sales delay was caused by a problem in mass producing a key component in the Blu-ray disc laser part of the machine, Sony Computer Entertainment Chief Ken Kutaragi said. "We decided to focus on the Japanese and U.S. markets," he said. "I am so sorry not to be able to answer to all the expectations."
Presumably, he then threw himself onto a sword, or whatever it is that Sony executives do these days while admitting to problems delivering on a system that, over time, has been detuned more than even Windows Vista.
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