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Monday, September 18, 2006

Virgin bans 'fire hazard' laptops

Apple and Dell laptop owners travelling on Virgin Atlantic international flights are being asked to remove the gadget's batteries before take-off.

This will limit laptop use as the majority of seats on Virgin jets are not fitted with power sockets.

The decision comes in the wake of reports that some laptop batteries could be a fire hazard.

It brings to three the number of airlines that have placed restrictions on Dell and Apple laptops.

The decision means that three airlines, Virgin, Qantas and Korean Air, restrict the use of these laptops.
As I pretty much only use Dell and Apple notebooks (well, I use Lenovo ThinkPads as well), it looks like I won't be flying Virgin Air any time soon. Which is interesting, because I literally almost booked two VA-based flights to London but just missed the low fare date. Talk about dodging a bullet.
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