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Friday, September 08, 2006

Yager to his imaginary enemies: It's time to get your affairs in order

Man, I saw the title to this article ("Apple to Wintel: It's time to get your affairs in order") and I got all jazzed up. How classic would it be for Apple to actually throw the gauntlet down to Microsoft and the rest of its hardware and software cabal and actually say something along the lines of, hey, we're playing in your sandbox now, and your users know where to get quality? How classic would that be?

Too bad it didn't happen. In spite of the provocative headline, what we get is yet another glimpse at Tom Yager's overly active and Apple-flavored imagination. Seriously, why does he do this?
You can say you were there back in ought-six when 64-bit Macs knocked the bottom out of the Wintel PC client market. A lot of people were scared, kid, but Dell gave us that $100 PC we wanted and Microsoft open-sourced big hunks of Windows.

PC vendors will not be able to move any ready-to-run Wintel desktop costing more than $1,000. In other words, Dell, Lenovo, HP and whomever else (I don't track the consumer PC market) that isn't catering directly to the high-end gaming and workstation markets is going to have a horrendously lousy Christmas, and dust silhouettes in the shape of boxy PCs will pop up like desktop crop circles.

Mac Pro and 64-bit iMacs, and soon, 64-bit MacBook Pro and Xserve, will create mayhem in the PC market because Microsoft and Intel PC makers never staffed or strategized for user-focused innovation. Microsoft will follow along as best it can now that it realizes that Apple reflects and drives computer users' desires. It understands that Apple is a far bigger threat than Linux, which it is prepared to battle.
OK. Just so we're clear. He's insane. And it's Tom Yager, not Apple, that's telling Wintel to get it's affairs in order. And once again, what's really happening, at the root of all this hyperbole, is that we've got yet another buffoon positing that this, yes this, is finally the time for Apple to win big in the OS market.

Sigh. I love his dedication. But his head's in the wrong place. And he "doesn't cover the consumer PC market?" Heads-up: That's where Apple competes. You know, the company you write about insessantly.

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