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Thursday, October 26, 2006

How Paul gets ripped off

Every once in a while I highlight the ways in which something original I write gets republished and republished around the Internet in a digital version of the old phone tag game. Follow this one around if you can:

On October 23, I write Microsoft Overcomes Final Vista Hurdles, Heads to RTM, in which I present the following facts:

- My previous exclusive report about how Vista's RTM "window" ranged from October 25 to November 8. This is the second time I wrote about this: The first was, of course, my original article, Here Comes Windows Vista RC2, from way back on October 2 (In that article, I also exclusively revealed the existence of Vista RC2.)

- Vista build 5824, originally set to be the RTM build, had all kinds of problems. This is the first time anyone ever wrote about this.

- Vista build 5840 fixed these issues and is now working its way through Microsoft's escrow process towards RTM. This is the first time anyone ever wrote about this.

- Microsoft reset its internal RTM clock from October 25 to November 8, the end of that RTM window I mentioned previously. This is the first time anyone ever wrote about this.

On October 25, Digitimes published Microsoft reportedly delays release of RTM version of Vista, which reiterates all of those facts without crediting me, but citing "sources."

On October 25, IDG News published Microsoft push Vista RTM back to Nov. 8 following critical bug find, reiterating all of those facts yet again, but citing the Digitimes report. It doesn't credit me at all.

Today, on October 26, linked to the IDG story.


Now, Steve Bink at is a great guy and a friend, and I know he had no idea that these guys were just ripping me off. But that's the point of this: If you separate a story enough from its true source, it's becomes kind of unclear what the truth is.

Welcome to my life.
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