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Monday, October 23, 2006

Paul vs. Dell Round 2

Well, give Dell some credit. The company called me Sunday to try and rectify the problem I described previously here on the Nexus. I told the gentleman at the time that Sunday wasn't a particular good time for me, but we did talk today and I appreciate the effort. Dell recognizes that it has some issues and I was told they're trying to fix them. I was also asked for any advice about what I would have liked to have seen happen.

Ultimately, my issue boils down to one simple issue, though certainly there are a number of things I could have complained about it. During the entire process, Dell never once contacted me, via email or phone, to explain there was a problem with the order. Even now, days after the order was cancelled, I have yet to receive an email telling me it happened. If I hadn't checked the site manually the other day, I'd still ignorantly believe that it was still on the way.

So Dell was willing to offer me a discount in order to get my business back. I think that was decent of them. I'm going to stick with the HP however. In the future, I guess I'll continue considering Dell, as I have in the past. I hope they get this sorted out.
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