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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Podcasting's Reluctant Evangelist

Wired News has a nice story about Leo Laporte:
In a world where stars become despised and their every perceived fault and mistake assaulted by jealous rivals, LaPorte has remained arguably the most popular person in podcasting.

No matter how big LaPorte becomes, he's also been self-effacing and friendly and, most importantly, involved in a variety of tech communities.

LaPorte, the father of two who lives in Petaluma, California, has built his name steadily over the course of three decades of covering tech when the interest in tech journalism mushroomed. As Podcast411 host Rob Walch says: "Leo was there through the entire internet -- the growth, the boom, the bust, the regrowth. He was there when it was Web 0.0. He's been there all along. There are very few people like that."

Thank Rush Limbaugh for that. The conservative talk-show juggernaut's rise in the early 1990s cost hundreds of midday, general-interest radio hosts their jobs, including LaPorte, who was forced off the air in San Francisco. A lifelong tech maven, he says he lucked into a job in 1991 as co-host with legendary whiz John C. Dvorak on what became the nation's top-rated tech talk radio show, Dvorak on Computers.

What put LaPorte on the map in a major way, however, was his role as a founder in 1998 of TechTV.
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