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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Making a Smooth Move from .Mac to Google

Matthew Russell at MacDevCenter provides a nice write-up about switching from .Mac's various services to Google's Gmail, Google Calendar, and GDrive. But it's a nice guide for anyone thinking about making the move to Google:
Apple's .Mac product is a topic of much contention these days. For roughly $100 per year, some members feel like they're getting a good deal while others periodically wonder why they're paying money for stuff that they can get gratis via Google. Chuck Toporek's The .Mac Tax blog post is a bit dated, but still provides a relevant summary of the highlights from various points of view. Two issues near and dear to my own heart are .Mac's unwillingness to provide server-side spam filtering and the ability to edit calendars on the Web.
Like the big sap that I am, I did, in fact, renew my .Mac account again this year. But each year, the service gets harder and harder to justify. There just isn't enough there for the cost.
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