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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Creating Your Own Photo Book Becomes Easier

I only mention this one because... Did Walter Mossberg actually rate a free Windows-compatible Web service as being better than an Apple product??
One of the most satisfying ways to share digital photos is to do so using an increasingly popular and delightfully analog item: the photo book.

MyPublisher, the company that started this business over five years ago, continues as a main player in the field. It now offers its books in various sizes and prices, and recently released a new version of its book-assembling software program, BookMaker 2.0.

Apple Computer Inc. uses iPhoto, the stellar photo-organizing program that comes on its computers, as a starting point for making books, incorporating handy editing within the company's famously simple user interface.

If you want the best combination of variety and a software program that works on all computers, you'll be pleased with MyPublisher. IPhoto's books are just as attractive and even more stylish, but aren't available for Windows users or those hoping to make a large book. This holiday season, consider choosing one of these two book-making programs to hold your family memories.
Ah. Well, not exactly. Phew. Thought I was in Bizarro World for a second there.

For the record, I make photo books via iPhoto fairly regularly, and couldn't imagine using MyPublisher's lame software, now that I've tried it.
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