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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Prizefight: Apple iPod vs. Microsoft Zune

No offense to the kind folks at CNET, but the latest Prizefight, in which Apple's iPod takes on newcomer Zune, is rigged. Here's how the scoring broke down:

Design: Zune 4 - Ipod 4
Interface Zune 5 - Ipod 4
Compatibility: Zune 2 - Ipod 3
Features: Zune 4 - Ipod 5
Performance: Zune 4 - 4

And here's how it should have broken down:

Design: Zune 3 - Ipod 4
Interface Zune 4 - Ipod 4
Compatibility: Zune 2 - Ipod 4
Features: Zune 3 - Ipod 5
Performance: Zune 4 - 4

The biggest issue I have here is "Features." The Zune plays MP3 files and comes with an online store, and that's about it. The iPod includes an online service with a wealth of TV show downloads and some movies. It includes games, podcasts, and audiobooks, PIM compatibility, and a host of other features the Zune lacks. CNET seems to have discounted this functionality for some reason, which is curious for an anti-Microsoft online publication. Anyway, just setting the record straight: Zune is solid but lacks many features that iPod users take for granted.

Oh, and the fight language on this video gets old. Very quickly.
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