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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

About the Mac-less MacWorld Keynote

Yeah, it was weird.

Heck, even Apple fanatic David Pogue thought so:
There has never been a Macworld Expo keynote speech quite like the one Steve Jobs just gave, one that was devoted entirely to a single product. Nothing about Macs, nothing about new iPods, not even a word about the iLife software suite or Mac OS X “Leopard.”
They should have had a special event for iPhone closer to release and focused MacWorld on all those "secret" Leopard features we were promised last August. I get that iPhone runs a mobile/lite version of Mac OS X, but it's not a Mac. This is MacWorld. I'm surprised there's not more concern about this. Jobs' comments about Gretzky and the corporate name change to Apple Inc. should also concern anyone who loves the Mac. Or is it just Apple you're into now, regardless of what the product is?

And not to be a total drip, but why can't we have a widescreen iPod without phone features? Something like the Archos 604 but designed by Apple?

One final thought: Bill Gates mentioned during his CES keynote that he was invited back for next year, but since he'll be leaving Microsoft after that, he's not sure about the future. Wouldn't the Jobs keynote from today have been a killer CES keynote? After all, it was all about consumer electronics, not Macs. Maybe Jobs should pick up the CES mantle after Gates leaves.
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