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Sunday, February 25, 2007

iTunes: What I Want Changed For Vista

Deep Thoughts:
Where to begin? Even Apple admits that iTunes needs some changes for Vista, but they only admitted to wanting to fix the issues with iTunes Store purchases. Despite saying it would be ready a few weeks after the announcement, there is no fix in sight. Now that Im using Windows Vista final (havent you heard?), I want to compile a list of everything I think needs to be added or changed so iTunes is a better Vista application.
A nice, common-sense list. I'd add:

- How about an official Sidebar gadget similar to Apple's Dashboard widget? (Yes, I know there are third party ones available.)

- How about integrating iTunes into Vista's built-in media sharing functionality so that iTunes libraries will show up in the Network shell location on other PCs on your home network (and thus be usable from any compliant media player and not just iTunes)?

- And for crying out loud, Apple: Open up iTunes to Media Center. I'd love to play back iTunes-purchased TV shows and movies from within Media Center, using a remote control. Pretty please?

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