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Monday, February 05, 2007

Netscape 9.0 Teaser

Netscape Blog:
What you are looking at is a draft of the main toolbar of Netscape 9.0, running on Windows XP.

Netscape 9 will be a standalone browser, and from this screenshot, you can infer several things: unlike Netscape 8, Netscape 9 will contain more standardized support for newsfeeds (a.k.a. Live Bookmarks); it will also have tight integration with the service, as evidenced by the icons for the two available extensions (Friends' Activity Sidebar and the Sitemail Notifier). Several extensions will be built into the browser; only these two have been previously announced.
A few comments.

Netscape is still around?

Does anyone actually care that they're still releasing browsers? Netscape 8 was a disaster by any measure.

Others are reporting that Netscape 9 will be developed in-house, unlike Netscape 8, which was outsourced.

It's due "in the next month or two."



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