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Saturday, February 24, 2007

A visit to Apple

Google Mac Blog:
When you start work at Google, you get to choose whether you want a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer. For many new employees who have never used a Mac (or who haven't used one for a long time), this choice represents a chance to try living in Mac OS X. Google provides a supportive environment for users of various operating systems, so newbie Mac users can count on something of a comfort zone. And, just as elsewhere in the world, new Mac users at Google are often won over by Apple's excellent combination of hardware and software.

I spend part of my time at Google writing documentation for Google Checkout, and in that group I work with several of these recent Mac converts. Some of the folks in the group became intrigued with the idea of visiting Apple's headquarters ... our Google gang entered the main Apple building at 1 Infinite Loop and walked to Caffé Macs.
This is as close to "People Magazine" as I'm willing to get.


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