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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Amazon Unbox 1.5

So, Amazon has shipped a new version of its Unbox TV/movie download service. The first version was so horrible I demanded my money back and erased the thing from my PC. It's unlikely I'll ever be brave enough to try it again, but here's what's new:

- 20% faster downloads
- Improved reliability and performance
- 50% faster application load time
- Reduced PC memory usage
- Full support for Windows Vista and Vista Media Center Edition
- Improved portable device support
- Download portable video files only when you want to!
- New user controls and settings
- Video brightness control
- Contrast control
- Video library organizational and sorting
- Optional tooltips
- Multiple file delete

Hmm. There's no such thing as Vista Media Center Edition. I see Amazon is up to its usual high standards.

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