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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Apple CFO: Vista No Threat

Apple's CFO says he doesn't view Microsoft's rival Vista operating system as a threat to the forthcoming Leopard version of the Mac OS.

The Apple chief financial officer voiced a note of confidence when talking about the forthcoming version of the Macintosh OS. He drew a distinction between difficulties the market has had in rolling out Microsoft's Vista -- including driver compatibility and increased hardware requirements -- and Leopard.

"In the time that it took Microsoft to develop Vista, we've come out with five releases of Mac OS 10. We think we have the gold standard in operating systems. We believe we have the superior OS in the market today, and Leopard will only extend that." In terms of security and other features and functions, he said, "I don't really see Vista as a threat."

"I believe Parallels is a great choice for customers, and people seem to be happy with that as well," Oppenheimer said.
Interesting. I suppose for Vista to be considered a threat, it would have to cause Microsoft to gain OS market share at Apple's expense (i.e. Apple's market share would have to fall). There are indications that the Mac's market share is rising, so his comments actually make some sense.

However, I'd argue that Vista is quite obviously a threat to Apple because it further closes the gap between Windows and OS X in the eyes of the world (and, in reality, Vista exceeds OS X in many areas). And one might make the argument that Vista is good enough to cause some Mac users to switch back to Windows. Parallels helps to counteract that effect.

Finally, no one actually knows "what" Leopard is all about at this time. And when Apple finally does reveal its secretive new OS, we can start comparing anew. Like most people reading this, I'm eager to see what happens.

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