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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Apple TV Hard Drive Upgrade Tutorial

Apple TV Hacks:
Here it is, a step by step tutorial on upgrading your Apple TV harddrive.

You can do this via the terminal, or by using some applications (which add $100 to the cost of the process).

What you need:

Hex-bit screwdriver
2.5″ hard drive (we used a Western Digital 120 GB WD1200VE drive)
Wiebetech Forensic DriveDock (optional, but recommended) or any 2.5″ to Firewire bridge
Subrosasoft’s CopyCatX ($49), or be comfy with the terminal
Coriolis’s iPartition ($45), or use the Apple Factory Restore

[and an Intel-based Mac].
This and the numerous other Apple TV hacks that are appearing are clearly a huge differentiator for the device, though they don't make up for its shortcomings, at least not yet. Apple had to know this would be part of the appeal of the Apple TV. Good stuff.

"Hard drive" is not one word, by the way. :)

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