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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Everyone is still asking the wrong questions about Leopard

Michael Gartenberg of Jupiter Research hopefully, puts an end to the recent Leopard delays silliness, but still doesn't raise what I think is the most important question about Apple's next operating system. Here's what's going on:
Reports coming in that Leopard's delayed until sometime in October. Just spoke with Apple who confirmed the reports are wrong and Leopard is still scheduled to ship in this spring as they previously announced. The rumor mill is wrong again.
Many Mac sites are still asking, "Where's Leopard?" But that's not the right question.

Who cares "where" it is? For that matter, who cares "when" Leopard will ship? The question everyone should be asking is, "What" is Leopard? Last August, Steve Jobs pointedly promised that Leopard would contain "secret" features that would put it ahead of Vista. Since then, Apple's most notable pronouncements about Leopard have been its complete silence on the topic. As a technology fan and Apple customer who will purchase Leopard the second it comes out, I'm merely curious about this. But if I were a developer focusing on the Mac OS, I'd be frantic by now. If Leopard is really shipping in Spring 2007 (which started last week, by the way), then why hasn't Apple provided its most valuable supporters--developers--with the information they need to take advantage of these secret features? It's an absolutely ludicrous situation, perhaps the ultimate example of Apple's ridiculous penchant for security.

Apple, I don't care when Leopard ships. March, April, August, whatever. I don't even really care how far along work on the OS is, or whether Vista compatibility is somehow the problem. What I care about is how you intend to keep Mac OS X competitive. Silence is not the answer. And "where" and "when" are most certainly not the questions.

Apple, what is Leopard?

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