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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Go beyond Vista. It's time to get a Mac

Apple's online store has started an interesting, and wise, defense against Windows Vista:
Why upgrade to Vista when you can upgrade past it? Instead of installation nightmares and other hassles, you'll get a gorgeous Mac with the latest Intel chips, bundled software that you'll actually use, and an operating system that's still years ahead.

So choose the easiest upgrade path and get a Mac. It's simpler, more secure, and a lot more fun.

Meet the Mac Family.
Obviously, with Leopard still many months away, Apple apparently decided to focus on the Mac generally rather than Mac OS X specifically, but it's a good start. There are absolutely things that Apple just gets right, and I like to see the company highlight its strengths rather than mindlessly tear down real or imagined problems with its competition.

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