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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Microsoft delays Zune firmware update

As excused by ZuneInsider:
I connected w/ James, the release manager for Zune, and got the official word: “Hey C, I know all of your blog readers are eagerly looking forward for the release of the Zune 1.3 Update. I feel their anticipation on the update, and I am very eager to get this out to all of them... I can’t comment on the exact date just yet, but it will be soon, as it’s in the final testing and processes to get released," he says. So there, you have it, dear blog reader: soon.
So I'm sure the 6 people using Zunes out there will be disappointed for a few days. But the Zune has bigger issues than this. For example, firmware updates are fun, even necessary, but where are all those functional updates (podcasting support, etc.) we were promised? The whole point of the Zune, we're told, is that it lets Microsoft move more quickly than it could under PlaysForSure, where the multitudes of hardware and services partners made it difficult to get ecosystem changes rolled out in a timely manner. If I wanted to wait and wait, I would have stuck with a Creative device. Well, theoretically. No one uses Creative devices either.

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