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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Microsoft Updates Zune, Cites Ongoing Successes

Me, in WinInfo:
Microsoft noted this week that Zune is maintaining its number two position in the hard disk-based MP3 player market. This data, which comes from market researchers at NPD, shows that Zune accounted for 8.7 percent of the market in February. It's unclear if this number represents retail sales only, or whether it is worldwide or US-only.

"We're pleased that Zune has been able to have such a significant impact on the market in such a relatively short time and look forward to the interest that our next wave of advertising is sure to drive in the coming month," says Zune Marketing Director Jason Reindorp. Of course, Zune is fighting an uphill battle against Apple, which commands most of the remaining 90+ percent of the market in which Zune now competes. Microsoft is expected to release new Zune models in various form factors as well as further software updates over the next year.

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