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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Paul Thurrott's Apple TV review... (Part 2)

I guess I should respond to the other mistakes in John Malloy's scathing attack on my Apple TV review too. It won't be hard:
Now Paul, you are just being naughty - the retail price of the XBOX is 100 bucks more for the version without the hard drive ($399) and a good 200 bucks more for the version with the 20 gig drive ($499).
Actually, the Xbox 360 is $299, the same price as the Apple TV. This hard drive-less version works just fine as a Media Center Extender, as I wrote. I know this because I've got one in my den right now, and it's my family's sole interface to TV content. You can spend $399 (not $499) on the premium version of the console (with hard drive) if you want, but it's not necessary for media sharing or Media Center Extender use.
Also as a media centre the XBOX is an enormous PC with big BOY connections and is as loud as can be imagined.
The Xbox is absolutely louder than the Apple TV, but I mentioned that. However, when using the Media Center Extender feature, it's much quieter than when you're playing games. And unlike the Apple TV, it can perform a variety of useful functions like playing DVD movies, playing HD-DVD movies with an optional $200 add-on, accessing online movie services like MovieLink without having to get up and go back to the PC or Mac in your home office, access its own online TV show and movie service (again, without having to leave the couch), and so on. Of course, I mention that all in my review. Yeah, it's louder.

And that's about it. To summarize:

- John says that you can't expect Paul Thurrott of SuperSite for Windows fame to write fair reviews of Apple products, despite much evidence to the contrary.

- The base Xbox 360 is the same price as the Apple TV but provides much, much more value, despite John's assertions and price mistakes designed to make Apple's product look cheaper.

- John's right: The Xbox 360 is louder than the Apple TV. I'd add that the Apple TV runs quite hot (I also mentioned this in my review), and is, in fact, too hot to touch after being in use for a while. This is a concern but, I felt, with no proof there was no reason to believe it will result in unreliability issues. Time will tell.

- For whatever it's worth, the Xbox comes with cables to connect to a TV, unlike Apple TV, which comes with no cables. The connections you make, however, will ultimately be the same or similar for each device.

Wow, I really am unreasonable.

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