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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Paul Thurrott's Apple TV review...

John Molloy of ZDNet refuses to do ten minutes of research:
Paul Thurrott does his expected hatchet job on Apple TV. We can't have the SuperSite for Windows being too Apple friendly.
No, that wouldn't do, now, would it?

So what do my last five Apple reviews on the SuperSite for Windows really look like? Let's check:

Apple iPod shuffle 2G Review (2006-11-04 - FIVE STARS out of FIVE
Conclusion: "Well, they've done it again. Apple's new iPod shuffle is a wonder of size, weight, and usability, and the perfect companion for music lovers who don't want their portable audio player to get in the way."

Apple iPod with video (5G, Late 2006) Review (2006-09-27) - FIVE STARS out of FIVE
Conclusion: "The latest iPod continues Apple's tradition of excellence and remains, as before, the standard by which all other portable media players are measured. This is the best iPod yet. And you know you want one."

Apple iPod nano 2G Review (2006-09-22) - FIVE STARS out of FIVE
Conclusion: "The second generation iPod nano is the best small-sized portable media player on the market today, and it builds on the excellence of its predecessor by fixing the scratching problem that marred previous versions while improving the battery life, providing a rainbow selection of colors from which to choose, and offering a lower price. Is the iPod nano perfect? Nothing ever is, but the nano comes as close as is imaginable given its small form factor."

Apple iTunes 7 Review (2006-09-21) - FOUR STARS out of FIVE
Conclusion: "Apple's iTunes 7 is the best version of iTunes yet and is, without question, the finest media player on any platform, even when you factor in the problems that are currently dogging the Windows version."

Apple Boot Camp Review (2006-04-07) - FOUR STARS out of FIVE
Conclusion: "While Boot Camp isn't perfect, it's still a semi-miraculous solution that lets you dual boot between Mac OS X and Windows XP on an Intel-based Mac. That, folks, is what's known as the best of both worlds in these parts, and I'm personally very excited at the prospect of, or at the opportunity to, purchase Apple notebooks and desktops in the future."

Yeah, I'm dead set against Apple, ain't I? One might logically wonder who's really biased here: Me, or John.

One might also wonder if my Apple TV review is simply an accurate portrayal of my opinion of the device which, again, I feel is pretty limited. Sorry if that offends you, but I think my past five Apple reviews show that I have no problem heaping the praise on Apple when it's deserved.

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