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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Read and write support for Google Calendar checked in

If you listen to my Windows Weekly podcast, you know I've been working with various calendar solutions lately. One of the issues I've had is that, while Google Calendar is actually excellent, you can't get notifications on anything but the primary calendar (duh) and if you subscribe to Google calendars with most desktop apps, you can't edit events or get reminders. (There are some exceptions: Outlook 2007 lets you set reminders for Google Calendar-based events.)

Anyway. Check out this wonderful update from the Sunbird/Lightning teams at Mozilla (where Sunbird is Mozilla's standalone calendar app and Lightning is an add-on for Thunderbird that adds calendaring to Mozilla's email application):
A very nice checkin has just hit the Mozilla source code. Support for read and write of Google Calendar. So now both Lightning and Sunbird has support for Google Calendar. Please note that the support currently is minimal but it's being worked on. It's being build as an extension.

And no, I dont know where to get this extension. I dont think it's getting build right now. So you have to wait for more information.
Oh bless you Mozilla. Bless you.

FYI: I did end up paying for SyncMyCal, which does work quite well if you're an Outlook user.

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