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Monday, March 19, 2007

Sun hires Debian Linux founder
Sun Microsystems has hired Ian Murdock, who founded the Debian version of Linux and who has held various posts involving the open-source operating system.

At Sun, Murdock now holds the title of chief operating platforms officer. On his blog, he said he'll work both with Linux and Sun's newly open-source competitor, Solaris.

Sun has had a mixed approach toward Linux. Initially disparaging, Chairman and then-Chief Executive Scott McNealy donned a penguin mascot outfit in an about-face to show support. But the company afterward resurrected a nearly exterminated version of Solaris for x86 servers, where Linux is most popular, and McNealy predicted in 2005 that Solaris and Windows would be the "two clear survivors" in the operating system market.
I can understand why Sun wanted Murdock, but I can't understand why Murdock would shack up with a company that's been so two-faced about Linux. This could be interesting.

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