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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Why PCs Should Get More Sleep

OK, it's basically an ad for Windows Vista, but if you care at all about the environment (and yeah, I do, despite my opinion on the causes of global warming), or at least your own electric bill, this is an interesting read:
A single incandescent 100-watt light bulb left on around the clock for a year costs more than US$80 to power. Generating that power releases about 1,350 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

According to Dean DeWhitt, director of Microsoft’s Windows Kernel team, that is about the same amount of power many PCs consume while not in use. Yet, while few people would leave a light bulb on for a year, many people keep their PCs running with screen-savers at all hours, which actually consumes more energy than an idling PC. What’s more, many large organizations constantly leave their PCs running so they are available to receive security patches and updates.

Known as Standby or Hibernate in previous versions, Sleep is a state where a machine and monitor can become available instantly if needed, but are each using only two to three watts of electricity in the meantime. While other versions of Windows have had success with standby modes, according to DeWhitt, Windows Vista’s version of Sleep provides by far the best user experience to date.
Anyone who uses a Mac knows that Apple nailed Sleep, oh, about four years ago. Whatever: Regardless of which OS you're using, this is something to look into.

For Vista users: Windows Vista Energy Conservation

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