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Monday, April 30, 2007

10 Reinvigorating Facts About Microsoft's Profits

I discussed Microsoft's utterly amazing quarterly results in both WinInfo Short Takes last Friday and on the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, but this little blurb does a nice job of putting it in perspective:
I have written extensively about Microsoft's problems. But last week, I got a stunning reminder about the company's power. It takes Microsoft only 10 hours of business to exceed Red Hat's entire quarterly profit. Skeptical? Check out the math, and nine other facts about Microsoft's most recent earnings report.

Microsoft last week announced quarterly revenue of $14.4 billion and net income of $4.93 billion. In other words, Microsoft's daily net income is about $55 million. That's $55 million in pure profit every 24 hours. Do some quick math and you'll learn it takes Microsoft only about ...

... four days to exceed Starbucks' quarterly net income.

... two weeks to exceed McDonalds' quarterly net income of $762 million.

... two weeks to exceed Apple's quarterly net income.
You know, just in case you weren't getting the difference. It's funny to me that some companies get undeservedly positive press and high stock prices while Microsoft, a cash cow, just lumbers along. It's really kind of insane.
For a dead company, Microsoft's profits certainly look lively.
If I can paraphrase "Cartman," "That's what I always say."

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