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Monday, April 09, 2007

Choosing a Video Game System

Me, in SuperSite for Windows:
While Microsoft got a jump on its next-generation video game console competitors when it shipped the Xbox 360 (see my review) in late 2005, it's only now, over a year later, that we're able to soberly evaluate each of the key systems and determine which offer the best value. That's because, as of this writing, consumers can now choose between three modern video game systems: the Xbox 360, Sony's PlayStation 3 (see my review), and Nintendo's Wii (see my photo gallery). As with the previous generation of consoles, each offers unique benefits and will appeal to certain kinds of users. But the dynamics have changed dramatically this time, with each of the system makers taking their consoles into entirely new markets. Here's how they compare.

I feel that the Xbox 360 is the console to beat, as it is the most versatile, while offering a comparable graphics experience to what you'll see on the PS3. That said, I do have some concerns about the 360's reliability, so I'm going to recommend something I never do: Buy it locally and purchase the in-store warranty, so you can replace it immediately at any time free of charge.

If you absolutely must have the best pure gaming experience, the PS3 should ultimately win out, especially when developers begin to figure out how to unlock the console's most impressive capabilities. A year from now, I expect PS3 games to absolutely blow away anything available on the 360.

As for the Wii, I'm going to have to disagree with the consensus and call it as I see it: Unless you have very young kids with no video game experience at all, skip out on this console. The Wii is a joke, a novelty console that doesn't offer much staying power. Either the 360 or PS3 would be a better choice for almost anyone.
Needless to say, the Nintendo fan boys have come racing out of Mario's castle like those flying monkeys in "The Wizard of Oz." But nothing--not even its surprisingly strong sales--can sugarcoat the fact that the Wii is a joke. It's not for serious gamers at all.

Related: Game consoles are evil, in which we learn that Richard Stallman, the high priest of Free Software, believes that video game consoles are unethical. What a guy.

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