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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dell kills Axim

First DJ, now Axim. What's next? Dell kills Dimension PCs? Computerworld reports:
Dell Inc. has stopped selling its Axim handheld computer line and will not discuss rumors that it may be gearing up to introduce a smart phone product by buying Palm Inc., a spokeswoman said Wednesday.

Officially, Dell pulled the Axim X51 products off its Web site and stopped selling them April 5, after first launching the Axim Pocket PC in 2002, said spokeswoman Jennifer Allison. Dell still shows the Axim product line on its Web site, although Allison said only add-on products are for sale.

The decision by Dell to discontinue the Axim line is a good example of the demise of the personal digital assistant, or PDA, said Jack Gold, an analyst at J. Gold Associates in Northboro, Mass.

"The PDA is dead. Long live the smart phone," Gold said.
Yep. I can't imagine that the market for traditional PDAs (i.e. non-phone devices) amounts to much these days. Curious, though, that Dell never got into the smartphone game.


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