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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lenovo Tops in Environmental Friendliness

Me, in WinInfo:
Greenpeace this week said that PC maker Lenovo was the world's most environmentally friendly electronics firm, thanks to dramatic improvements in its hardware recycling efforts. Meanwhile, Mac-maker Apple, which has global warming guru Al Gore on its board of directors, came in dead last on the list of 14 firms Greenpeace highlighted.

Last place Apple lost marks for its toxic chemical use and poor recycling efforts. In fact, Greenpeace is so disturbed by Apple's poor marks that it's set up a special Web site describing the problems. "Why do Macs, iPods, iBooks and the rest of [Apple's] product line contain hazardous substances that other companies have abandoned?" the site reads. "A cutting edge company shouldn't be cutting lives short by exposing thousands of children in the developing world to dangerous chemicals."
Related: Greenpeace Apple site:
Apple just doesn't prioritize environmental concerns. Sure, they have a nice Environment section on their website. But it's not linked from the front page, and it's hard to find unless you know where to look. Of course it says how great Apple's policies are. But if you look under the hood, Apple's policies are as ugly as a beige box circa 1989.
OK, so here's a related issue. I've been measuring the energy consumption of various electronics devices using a device called a Kill-A-Watt. Two of the devices I've measured so far include a Lenovo ThinkPad (my primary email machine) and an Apple MacBook (the original Core Duo version). The MacBook is dramatically more efficient than the ThinkPad, so much so that I'm suspicious that something is wrong. Here's how they measured:

ThinkPad (running, idle): 85 watts
ThinkPad (sleep): 75 watts

MacBook (running, idle): 21 watts
MacBook (sleep): 2 watts

Curiouser and curiouser.

Update: On the advice of a number of readers who suggested that the ThinkPad's numbers might have been skewed due to battery charging, I retested it. And sure enough, it did a lot better, though not as good as the MacBook. Here are the revised numbers:

ThinkPad (running, idle): 33 watts
ThinkPad (sleep): 22 watts

Sorry about the confusion on that one. :)

Update 2: The ThinkPad numbers might still be too high. I'm downloading a number of Lenovo power management updates for Vista that might make sense of this. Again, sorry for the confusion. I'll post the updated numbers in a different post.

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