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Monday, April 09, 2007

Microsoft Confirms Move to DRM-Free Music

Me, in WinInfo:
Lost amid the hoopla over last week's EMI announcement regarding their decision to sell digital music without digital rights management (DRM) restrictions was the fact that Apple was only the first digital music reseller to sign on for the new offerings. This week, Microsoft admitted that it, too, would offer music without DRM.

"The EMI announcement is not exclusive to Apple," a Microsoft spokesperson says. "Consumers have made it clear that unprotected music is something they want. We plan on offering it to them as soon as our label partners are comfortable with it." Microsoft says it has been working with EMI and other record labels for quite some time, and will offer DRM-free music via the Zune Marketplace, its online service for the Zune portable device, as soon as possible.
I was sort of amazed at how many articles about last week's EMI announcement pushed it as an Apple event. Apple was the first to sign on because they're the biggest service by far. But many others will be offering DRM-less music. I'm hoping to see at least one of them use MP3.

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