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Monday, April 09, 2007

Microsoft Connects Xbox 360, Windows Live Messenger

Me, in WinInfo:
In another move that further pushes the Xbox 360 ahead of the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft on Monday revealed that it was connecting its PC-based Windows Live Messenger service to the console, allowing users of both to maintain a single list of friends and chat with each other online, via either system. The tying will require Microsoft to release an update for the Xbox 360, which the company says will become available the week of May 7.

The Windows Live Messenger integration is part of a wider Spring 2007 Update for the Xbox 360 that will also include richer in-game achievements notifications, improved family settings, a new Xbox Live Marketplace blade in the Xbox 360 dashboard, various updates to Xbox Live Arcade, new download options that will allow the console to enter a low-power mode and download updates overnight automatically, and other features. The Spring 2007 Update will be made available to Xbox 360 users for free via Xbox Live, Microsoft says.

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