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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Microsoft Touts Zune Successes

Some unintentional comedy courtesy of Microsoft. Me, in WinInfo:
Microsoft announced late Wednesday that its Zune digital media player is "holding steady" and continues to be the number two selling hard drive-based portable media player.

According to NPD data cited by Microsoft, the Zune controlled 9.1 percent of the hard drive-based portable media player market in March, second only to Apple's iPod, which presumably controlled most of the other 90 percent. To bolster sales, Microsoft is adding a "baby pink" Zune model alongside the previous black, white, and brown models. The pink Zune will become widely available in May, Microsoft says.
Apparently, Microsoft is employing the strategy used by Steve Jobs while at NeXT: Just point at your product and declare that it's successful. Eventually, that spin will just become truth and then history, you know, right after someone simply adds it to Wikipedia.

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