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Thursday, April 05, 2007

TerraPass: Carbon offset

Ever wished you could do something about global warming?

It might seem there's nothing you can do about global warming. The problem is just too big.

Of course, we all contribute to global warming. We all have a "carbon footprint," the total carbon dioxide emissions we create when we drive or fly or use electricity.

Eliminate your carbon footprint with TerraPass

The first step you can take to fight global warming is to reduce your carbon footprint through conservation. Drive less. Turn down the thermostat. Buy locally produced goods.

Then use TerraPass to reduce your carbon footprint all the way to zero.

When you buy a TerraPass, your money funds renewable energy projects such as wind farms. These projects result in verified reductions in greenhouse gas pollution. And these reductions counterbalance your own emissions.
My wife and I are entertaining the possibility of doing this. The cost of carbon-offsetting our cars and airplane flights is reasonable. The cost of doing so for our home (electricity and gas), however, is not. Granted, we both work from home and I have a lot of electronics devices, as you might expect. We also have a hot-tub outside, which adds a lot of power draw. So we might have to land in "carbon reduction" rather than full "carbon balance," at least for now. I'll keep looking at this.

Update: There's a non-profit alternative to TerrPass called Carbonfund that looks interesting as well. It's also less expensive.

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