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Monday, April 02, 2007

Zune 2.0: The Quickening

It looks like Microsoft plans a new Zune marketing blitz, followed by new colors and a flash-based player. Of course, by that point, the iPod will control 99.99 percent of the market. reports:
After a post-holiday season lull, Microsoft is ready to rally its Zune digital music player.

The software giant is readying a new marketing and advertising blitz and plans to launch the device in new colors to maintain sales before it makes a hopefully bigger splash with new features -- and possibly a flash-based player like Apple's rival iPod before the end of the year.

The ad campaign, starting next month, will focus on key differentiators for the Zune, including screen size, its wireless music exchange capability and the ability to customize the home screen.

The Zune, which is currently available in white, brown and black, will soon sport prettier colors. A baby-pink version will be available in May, and another vibrant color will be introduced a few weeks later.

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